One more thing to say


In my 11 months at Michigan Journal, I have experienced so much that I never thought I would get to experience; writing for a paper, being the one in charge of an entire section, and being a part of an amazing team who is willing to help as much as possible. 

I wrote my very first piece in the month of August when UM-Dearborn broke the news that they would be taking away December graduation ceremonies beginning that very same year of 2019. It was an outrage amongst the many students who were expected to graduate that same semester, and even to the ones who have yet to graduate. It among other students were able to change the minds of the people who made the decision to remove the significant event. I was honestly so nervous to even write about it, not to mention at the time, I had to rely on my cell phone to write the story because my laptop had been water damaged just a couple weeks before. I used my resources to gather as many sources and quotes as I could, and eventually got something out within twelve hours. My Editor-in-Chief at the time, Chanel Stitt, helped me out a lot during this time and made sure the story got out as soon as possible. 

The story received much more attention than I ever expected to receive on anything I ever wrote, and it made me feel that much more confident about creating further content for future works within the Michigan Journal.

During the remainder of my time working at MJ, I made many friends within the organization itself as well as outside of it from doing so many different stories about the amazing organizations on campus to stories about serious situations affecting students directly or the campus as a whole. At times it became very stressful due to technical difficulties or lack of events happening, because sometimes there just was not anything happening on our campus. But I was able to, with the help of others to create new content that still fulfilled the needs of Student Life’s expectations, and got everything done as soon as I could. It was an experience I believe to have shaped the way I operate in the future when it comes to meeting deadlines, managing a big project on my own (because SL was essentially my project for two semesters) and putting out my best work without being afraid to ask questions despite any reservations I might have about anything. 

I will miss my team and the staff writers the most because everyone was so kind, friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. Thank you to Kyla Bazzy, our current Editor-in-Chief this semester, for guiding us through the semester despite the effects of COVID-19 and any other obstacles that tried to tear us down. Chanel Stitt, even though she is not a student here anymore, played a big role as EIC in how effective of a Student Life Editor I became. I am very grateful to you both. I am also very grateful to the rest of my team during my time here, Leah, Drew, Kristin, Kinsey, Franz, Tartil and Maya for being the best team I could have asked for. I hope we all keep in contact post graduation and many years in the future for whatever.