What I’ve learned from my first year at MJ

Part of the MJ team in late 2019. From left: Kinsey Burnett, Kristin Orr, Chanel Stitt, Leah Higgins, Kyla Bazzy, Franz Knight

As the winter 2020 semester comes to an end, all I can think to do is look back on my first year as a member of the Michigan Journal and my first year as the Opinions Editor.

With every position, and especially with how this year is going, there have been plenty of ups and downs. But I can firmly say that being in the Michigan Journal has given me more than I ever anticipated. 

I’ve always wanted to get more into writing and finding my voice as a journalist, author or whatever else came down the line for me. Since becoming the Opinions Editor, I have been pushed to write more and more each week. Whether it be an article that I’m really passionate about and spent days thinking about, or one that I had to write under pressure to meet a deadline. Being in MJ with an editorial position has enabled me to find my voice under basically any circumstance and produce writing that I would not have been able to or dedicated the time to on my own.

Being in the Michigan Journal has also allowed me to connect with other writers who I may not have met. The team has given me great collaboration experience and a better understanding of the different sections, writing styles and just about anything that goes into them. Working together each week, the MJ team has allowed me to see everything and everyone come together to publish a well-thought out, designed and written paper each week.

Mostly, I’m excited to see what the next year holds for me at the Michigan Journal. I’ve already come so far personally and professionally, and I cannot wait to see what comes from the future MJ under the new staff.

To all of the seniors leaving the Michigan Journal, I want to say a huge thank you to all of you. It’s truly been a pleasure to work and grow with you all! You’re leaving the paper in great hands.