Roman Bruno, July 6 2020

The Baltimore Ravens took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl to finish the simulated season on Madden 20. Photo//@thecheckdown on Twitter.

As the NFL continues to try and start the 2020 season as normal, The Checkdown has been simulating the 2020 season on Madden 20 over the past couple weeks to give fans a little dose of what’s to come. 

The final game, the immaculate Super Bowl, was previously scheduled for May 31, but was later postponed to June 24 in light of the current social justice events and protests. 

In the Super Bowl,  Lamar Jackson’s Ravens beat Tom Brady’s Buccaneers by a final score of 64-42. All hopes of winning were diminished for the Bucs in the fourth quarter when a scrambling Tom Brady fumbled the ball at the Ravens’ one yard line. Baltimore returned the fumble for a touchdown that ultimately put the game away. 

Both teams finished as the one seed in their respective conferences, so there were no real upsets in this simulation. The Ravens and Buccaneers are also currently among the favorites to play in Super Bowl LV, meaning this could be a foreshadowing of what’s to come during the real season. 

The drama for this matchup started before the game even began. Chris Godwin, star wide receiver for the Bucs, boldly proclaimed on Twitter that he would step in to play for his team and that the Super Bowl could not simply be simulated. This resulted in Ravens’ second-year WR and distinguished Madden player Marquise “Hollywood” Brown accepting the challenge to play against him, setting up the stage for an exciting matchup. 

Chris Godwin and Marquise Brown playful exchange that resulted in them playing each other in the Super Bowl. Photo//@thecheckdown on Instagram.

Godwin and Brown’s public display on Twitter encouraged other stars to join in on the action. Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young and rapper Snoop Dogg teamed up to call the game from their homes with James Koh also doing the play-by-play. Their in-game banter, analysis, and color commentary made the event even more exciting. 

There was even a halftime show performed by music artist NoCap, which just added to the authentic feel of a Super Bowl. While there were no big budget setups or pyrotechnics, it still made the night even better. 

Steve Young and Snoop Dogg followed suit and agreed to team up in the broadcast booth. Photo//@thecheckdown on Instagram.

Overall, the game featured big chunk plays, fast-pace offenses, and of course a bit of trash talk. 

Brown’s Madden play primarily focused on using himself in the Wildcat formation, while Godwin had to overcome a few turnovers and make more in-game adjustments in order to play catchup. 

This game was supposed to be simulated like the rest of the season, but it was great that these players and stars stepped in to provide great entertainment for football-deprived fans. The game was streamed live via The Checkdown on Twitter and Facebook and on the NFL YouTube and Twitch accounts. 

Here was how the regular season standings panned out for the rest of the league:

The Ravens finished the season with a 14-2 record, which was the best in the league.
Photo//@thecheckdown on Instagram.

Only time will tell if these predicted records are anything close to accurate, but at least it provided fans with some entertainment during these difficult times. The debut of Madden 21 is also on the horizon with a worldwide release date of August 28, which will likely lead to even more matchups and callouts once it’s released.