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The Michigan Journal is the weekly student publication at the University of Michigan-Dearborn.  The paper is published weekly during the fall and winter terms by and for the students.

The newspaper has faithfully served this campus and community for over 40 years.  Our staff is dedicated to providing accurate, fair and unbiased news to those on campus and surrounding communities.

The Michigan Journal is a proud member of the Associated Collegiate Press: The first national press association for student journalists in the United States.

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Editor-in-ChiefSavannah Rheinhart (Contact)

Managing Editor: Larisa Marian

Sports Editor: Ricky Lindsay

Opinions Editor: Laura Sanchez

Arts and Entertainment Editor: Monica Sabella

Student Life Editor: Craig Henderson

Photo Editor: Rebecca Gallagher

Web Editor: DeAndre A. McDay

Copy Editor: Melissa Levesque

Advertising Manager: Angela Melendez

Business Manager: Kevin Landwehr

AdviserTim Kiska


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