Detroit Werks Out

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Detroit’s Populux Nightclub was bouncing Jan. 29 as The Werks and funk band BIG Something took the stage, making Detroit their third stop on their Inside a Dream album release tour.

From the Pits

Amber Ainsworth/MJ

Who knew that one email could change your life? Amber writes about her introduction to concert photography and her first concert coverage experience as a novice reporter.

Out of This World Food: Mercury Burger Bar

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When I travel down Michigan Avenue’s brick-paved road, it signals one thing — Corktown Detroit — home to popular restaurants like Slows Bar BBQ, Gold Cash Gold, and Bobcat Bonnie’s. But this weekend I was due for a treat meal and my heart, and stomach, were set on Mercury Burger Bar.

Dessert Oasis Finds Detroit Home

The Cortado

Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters isn’t your typical quaint, local cafe on the corner. Throughout the course of a night, DOCR will serve a couple hundred Detroit locals and coffee and music enthusiasts delivering an evening of music with a lavish latte and a freshly baked dessert.

Revolutionary Dreams of Joy

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If you enjoy a good drama, comedies, inspirational movies, or even films based on true stories, you will likely appreciate Joy. The story of a hard working woman who fought to make her fondest childhood aspiration her reality, to make her own dreams come true.