The Used and Taking Back Sunday in concert

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By AandE

In addition to new music, The Used and TBS teamed up to tour together-a move that attracted a plethora of fans to the bands’ fanbases that have been expanding for over a decade. Along with Sleep Wave and Tonight Alive, The Used and Taking Back Sunday stormed into the Fillmore in Detroit on April 6 to rock fans with setlists that were blasts from the past blended with fresh new sounds. The show, like many of the stops on the tour, was sold out.

This Week in Gaming

By Aaron Ynclan

From students and professors to counselors and janitors, every one of us has worked hard this year to better ourselves, and those strenuous work ethics have taken their toll; we all are in need of some rest and relaxation, and what better place to find that than in some of the finest destinations the gaming world has to offer! You’re too busy, you say? Too broke to afford that kind of luxury and delight? Balderdash! Who are you to let such trivialities as wealth, responsibility, and reality belay your entertainment?? You deserve a good repose, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at each of these fabulous locations!

This Week in Gaming

By Aaron Ynclan

Industry veterans from around the world flocked to San Francisco on March 17 to take part in the 2014 Game Developers Conference. For one week, executives, developers, and journalists came together to recognize the best the industry gave in 2013 as well as to look to the future for the next revolution in video games. Of the dozens of panels that were held, it was a 25-minute presentation from Riot Games Narrative Lead Tom Abernathy and Microsoft Game Studios’ Design Lead Richard Rouse III entitled “Death to the Three-Act Structure” that held my attention.


By Keysha Wall

Zac Posen is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers. I was originally going to try to defend his S2014RTW collection, but then I saw his pre-fall. His PF2014 collection is definitely some of the best of what he’s made of.

This Week in Gaming

By Aaron Ynclan

Though most worlds revel in the glorification of superpowers, the same cannot necessarily be said of inFAMOUS: Second Son, which continues the series legacy of grounding superpowered mayhem in a real-world atmosphere.

The Mosh Lives Tour

By Amber Ainsworth

The Mosh Lives Tour attracted a huge, diverse crowd Wednesday, March 19 at the Magic Stick in Detroit. The lineup included Smash Your Enemies, Sworn In, Gideon, Thy Art is Murder, Volumes, and the main act, Emmure. From opening band to headliner, the energy was immensely intense. With monster pits everywhere for every single band, the “Mosh Lives” Tour definitely lived up to its name.

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