Imagine Dragons love Detroit

Imagine Dragons

As the house lights dimmed, the band stood behind a white curtain, their silhouettes projected against the curtain, the crowd cheering for them to start. The curtain falls and they begin their set with their song “Shots” from their second album “Smoke + Mirrors.”

Story Sound

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Hungry Ghosts: a curious name for a band. What captures a listener more is the haunting melodies associated with that name.

Pejac: Street Artist

Esparcepájaros, Salamanca

Here is a brief glimpse at the work of Pejac, a street artist from Cantabria, Spain. He has been covering the urban cities in color since 2000.

Beauty for the broken heart

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This advice is small compared to all the things one deals with during a heartbreak, but it does help and maybe these three tips can get you through it easier.