A new chapter in Vice Chancellor Henderson’s life

As some of you may know, our Vice Chancellor, Stanley Henderson, has announced that he’s retiring after dedicating the last ten years of his career to making University of Michigan-Dearborn a great place to be. I interviewed him in hopes to help all of us really understand what an impact he’s made on our school and thank him for it; his responses and passion are assuring that his shoes will be hard to fill.

Abuse hurts, make respect cool

In lieu of the recent sexual assault on campus, I took it upon myself to help spread this never-stressed-enough message: You deserve to be safe. Of course, we can’t predict if a stranger might come up to us while we’re walking home alone at night, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this is the only kind of assault going on in today’s world. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your sexual orientation is, or where you live—sexual abuse and assault is a problem in and out of relationships and families.

UM-Dearborn launches Victors for Michigan Campaign

Currently, the largest campaign in UM-Dearborn’s history is in its early stage, which is also known as the quiet stage, because it has yet to be publically announced. As of Friday, Oct. 24, the nucleus funds in the campaign totaled $23.8 million. The goal is to receive $50 million from donors, who are being referred to as victors.

A Blue Weekend

Cleaning up the vandalized “M” on The Diag in Ann Arbor

Last weekend, I went to the Michigan-Michigan State football game. Aside from the few hostile fans, many people were very friendly, despite the Maize and block “M” on my jacket. I was even offered a warmer jacket from a “kind” spartan fan so that I could “cover up that yellow.” I told him I’d rather freeze in Maize than be warm in green. And as it turns out, I did freeze in my Maize…..just like Michigan did on the field.

Office for Student Engagements’ (OSE) new policies affect student organizations

The rules and regulations that have already been in place for some time are being more strictly followed by the OSE this year. Members of student organizations are being more closely monitored. The closer monitoring is due to the “instances where students say they are students at UMD and are not, adding more accountability.” according to Seth Knowle, the student organizations coordinator.

Beyond the Binary: promoting equality and inclusion

InCLUDE is a newer club on campus committed to equality and inclusion. On Oct. 7, the InCLUDE organization and Women’s Resource Center, brought Robyn Ochs, an activist for gender identity and expression, to hold a workshop at the University Center. The workshop’s purpose was to increase awareness and understanding on complex identities and social movements.