The top five study tips for finals weeks

We’ve compiled a list of the top study tips from professors, students, and the wide world of the internet to make sure you don’t completely lose it during the most important week of classes.

Government employers show opportunities for students

On Wednesday, Nov. 5, the University of Michigan- Dearborn held a Government Career Fair in Kochoff Hall B and C with agencies and companies like Tardec, Fairfax County Police Department, U.S. Border Patrol, Peace Corps, D.E.A. and many more.

Financial aid: student refunds re-examined

For any college student the financial aid process can seem overwhelming and tiring. Lately, there has been a bit of confusion regarding refunds and financial aid here at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, so I thought I would try and clarify some of the issues.
Most students are expecting a refund because they received financial aid, but paid more on their initial tuition charges or they paid for their classes and received another payment type on a later date.

Light up the Night kicks off; message of the day: “Get Involved”

In front of the field house, a small rock concert like atmosphere is brewing. On Friday Oct. 24, as part of the kick off to UMD’s 4 year fundraising campaign they hosted “light up the night”, an event full of music, fun and camaraderie. The message of the event is “get involved.” For many this seems counterintuitive, to them, our university is a commuter school. But the fact is there is so much more offered.