What Does it Mean to be a Fan?

fan culture

But you said you were a fan. Correct me if I’m wrong, but considering the word “fan” is short for “fanatic”, shouldn’t your knowledge of a band being greater than one popular song on the radio? Shouldn’t you be able to talk about more than one film by a director? Shouldn’t you have tried more than Taco Bell if you claim to like Mexican food?

A Good Possibility That It’s Love


There isn’t really a wise reason I can think of for having a Ferrari, and that’s why it makes owning one all the more enticing. A Ferrari is an almost embarrassingly noticeable consumer good, but driving around in one should make you feel like a god, or at least have you feel as though you finally “made it.”

The Things I Carry

I carry many things throughout my life that I hold dear. Some are simple memorabilia, others are precious items that I bought or gifts that I treasure to this day. They are not necessarily sentimental items, but they seem to give me strength whenever I look at them or play around with them before I get on with my life

Expectations Run High


So if you want to be a doctor, do it because you love to and are passionate about it. Don’t do it just because of the money and to please your parents.

New Congress, Old Problems


Gridlock has become synonymous with Congress for the last few years. Now that both houses belong to the same party it may not be as bad, but I remain unconfident that we will come to compromises on issues and actually get things done.

Sexism and the Sciences

sexism sciene

Female computer scientists and engineers find themselves alone in a room swarmed by males, taught by a professor who is often a male. In such an environment, harassment and sexism are likely to brew.

Facebook: All in a Good Day

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 8.11.09 PM

Misunderstandings can occur, and before you have a chance to correct yourself, you have five people breathing down your neck, correcting your grammar and your mistakes. It’s easier to correct a misunderstanding or incorrect piece of data in person, but when you have all of your 280 Facebook friends reading your conversation, it’s a bit hard to take note of.

Misconceptions All Around


I am a Muslim woman, and this infuriates me. I was born in this country, and I am a practicing Muslim. Not a terrorist, not a jihadist, not a conservative, not a whatever the hell of a type of stereotypical Muslim they mentioned in this video.

The “Domino” Effect

dave brandon

The spirits of fans across the nation were lifted this weekend with Brandon’s resignation and a W to chalk up on the board.

Disaster strikes in Washington high school…now what?

cbs memorial

The media covers shootings from every possible angle and exhaust any and all talking points, but it is soon replaced by the next big news story. It doesn’t take our country long to forget about something like this and move on to the next story that will gain great ratings.