Taking the second step


In my life, I have taken countless first steps. More often than I would like to admit, I have failed to take the subsequent second step. My anxiety and nerves got the best of me, and like a sitcom, I retreated back to the safety of my status quo.

The American Sniper


When a strongly patriotic, war-based movie comes out, there’s always going to be some people who play the devil’s advocate in criticizing it. We have a free country with freedom of speech so anyone can say or think what they please.

Can’t get much better

Acura NSX (Photo courtesy by Zac Palmer)

The North American International Auto Show, to me, is hands down the best world-class event in the state of Michigan.

Just put the phone down and nobody gets ignored


The solution should be simple, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY—but it isn’t that easy. As a society, we have grown accustomed to constant contact and always being in the loop, so much so that we have forgotten just how nice it is to leave the house without bothersome phone calls, news notifications, emails and tweets following us everywhere we go.

But after, let me take a selfie

Singer-actor Demi Lovato joins the 'One Act Challenge'.

Why, oh why do people have to turn acts of kindness into an opportunity to take a selfie and pat themselves on the back? Something that was meant to be selfless is then turned into an advertised image and description.

The Ten Year War…Part II


Flash forward to today. Jim Harbaugh has returned to Michigan and a seemingly bright future is ahead. As I’ve said before, great changes don’t happen overnight.

Learn to let it go


In each instance, the controversial calls were among the biggest talking points over the next week in the NFL. Situations like these are obviously worth discussing, as they had an impact on the end result of the games. However, as a Lions fan who would really like to see them win a playoff game before I die, I grew tired of hearing everyone from NFL experts to President Obama talking about how the Lions got robbed.

To the service of whom?


Volunteering is one of the most important pillars of communities; it brings people of so many different backgrounds together to try to solve different, important issues