Treat Yo Self: The Mentality


We can at least make college a bit better by trying to navigate these treacherous waters of exams and essays, of parking nightmares and hectic schedules, of droning professors and endless reading assignments with a bit of this ‘treat yo self’ mentality.

Vote Like Your Life Depends on It


We’ve been told our country is deeply divided, deeply polarized. Voting is an opportunity to talk about those differences and cast our lot, to see how many agree with us and how many don’t. When only 18 percent of our eligible population is voting, then only 18 percent of that conversation is being had. So if you choose not to vote because our country is too corrupt, or our leaders are too out of touch, you’re doing your part in upholding that system of inequality and polarization.

How to Slow Down a Thriving New Company


Tesla is not the only company to sell directly to consumers. The Nike Store in cities such as Chicago and San Francisco are built on the same idea that Tesla is utilizing. How come their stores haven’t been banned across America?

Ebola: Are We Doing Enough?

ebola cnn

Ebola seems to be the hot topic in the news right now; every night anchors remind us of the outbreak in West Africa, and every night there seems to be suspicion of the infection spreading to another country. With this constant exposure, it’s easy to become complacent and begin thinking of the outbreak as an issue that’s taking place far away from where we live, effecting people we will never meet.

A Blue Weekend

Cleaning up the vandalized “M” on The Diag in Ann Arbor

Last weekend, I went to the Michigan-Michigan State football game. Aside from the few hostile fans, many people were very friendly, despite the Maize and block “M” on my jacket. I was even offered a warmer jacket from a “kind” spartan fan so that I could “cover up that yellow.” I told him I’d rather freeze in Maize than be warm in green. And as it turns out, I did freeze in my Maize…..just like Michigan did on the field.

What the Yak?

yik yak

The app is offensive, inappropriate, strange, funny and entertaining…which are all words that could sum up college, so I guess you could say us college students love it.

No Speed Limits, No Problem

ohio car course

Racing on a track with this car is addictive. If an opportunity to race a super car on a racetrack ever presents itself, I would highly recommend not passing it up. It is an experience I won’t soon forget.

Community Representation: YouTube

sam pepper

YouTube can bend a lot of ways. This is definitely a side of YouTube that is just being discovered and dealt with. With any celebrity group there will be a scandal. Sam Pepper has initiated this phenomena for the YouTube community.

Shame on you


With the popularity of social media, shaming others for their choices has become a worldwide phenomenon. Whether it’s calling someone fat, ugly, stupid, slutty, or a myriad of other things, it’s out there. And I think with all of the “leaks” online in the past year or so, it’s pretty obvious that nothing ever disappears from the Internet. So why do we put up with this?