Scared of change?


Change may be difficult and disheartening at points, but once you come out on the other side, you very well might realize that you’re a better person because of it.

Be the change


As a proud American who believes in both hard work and helping others this new information was conflicting to me. Can hard work and dedication really not always get you to better places?

The future and beyond


The future is still so scary and uncertain, but I’m glad that I have the next four months to hold on to before I’m unleashed on the unsettling waters of senior year.

The Epic Struggle


Above all else, keep working towards your goals. You won’t always succeed, but statistically speaking, you won’t always fail either.

Why I believe everything happens for a reason


Everything that has happened to me in the last eight years can be attributed to that one grocery store application. There were dark times during that period of course. But as I look back, I realize that every step I took led me to another, and another, each time fulfilling various facets of the overarching goal I have for myself.

Let he without sin…


I have no negative feelings towards anyone who follow a religious doctrine. I do, however, have nothing but contempt for those who judge others, yet participate in arguably worse things and do so consistently.

Our Western perception

Our media spends most of their time reporting incidents where people of Western culture are attacked. By doing so, I don’t think that we see the full scope of the problems that exist in the Middle East and other affected areas such as this one.

Gearheads unite in solidarity


However much I would still like him to be on television, I’m forced from a moral standpoint to agree with the logic of the BBC’s decision. Just because you’re Jeremy Clarkson does not give you the right to throw punches at somebody without repercussions. Rules must be followed and heads must roll in the entertainment business.