Just Passing By

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Two predominantly white, middle ­class suburbs with quaint downtown areas. According to quickfacts.gov, their respective per capita incomes are $38,893, and $28,425 compared to Detroit’s $14,870. A few minutes later, we near 8 Mile Road, the dividing line between city and suburb.

Saying no to Sexual Assault

Photo courtesy of lifehacker.com

Sexual assault hits closer to home than most realize. CNN recently reported a survey on college students. stating 23 percent of female college students admitted to experiencing some form of unwanted sexual contact. To me, this statistic is alarming and totally unacceptable.

Saving Facebook

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Facebook users not giving permission for Facebook to use pictures or information takes over time lines.

Snapchat: Exposure to the World

What I find most interesting about Snapchat is the live story feature that all users can see. From celebrities to everyday people like you and me; everyone has equal opportunity to share their voice.

The Adventure Awaits

Early morning beach sunrise.

I postponed writing this article until this moment, when I finally feel comfortable with the idea of me being a senior and wrapping up these loose ends in my life, including those that I don’t necessarily want to close.

Ahmed’s Ticking Clock

Irving McArthur High school student Ahmed Mohamed posing with one of his inventions at home.

Picture this: you’re an imaginative, creative, inventive kid who likes to make homemade objects. You want to impress your teachers by bringing a homemade clock to school, but unexpectedly get arrested, interrogated, and eventually suspended.