Man’s best friend


A dog is the one entity that will never doubt you, judge you or wish you were different. He loves you for who you are simply because you let him become a part of you.

Big trouble in little league


Who are the victims of this deceit? How about the honest teams who Jackie Robinson West beat throughout the Little League World Series? Have they learned about fair play, or about what it actually takes to get ahead in life?

Check Yo Self


Since I’ve been an adult, I’ve been able to look around and realize my privilege. It is one of the perks of living in such a diverse community. And while I’m sure I still underestimate a lot, I’m on what I can only imagine is a lifelong path of understanding.

Jon Stewart: Leaving at the top


I for one, am certainly saddened by the news of his impending departure and worry that his replacement won’t live up to the show’s reputation. Nobody can do the news like Stewart can, and I’m afraid that anybody they hire will be a disappointment.

The changing tides


So I’m slowly trying to get used to the fact that my planner won’t always be on hand, that I need to put my phone down and mute it, that I don’t always need to stress out about being on time, that unplanned outings are usually the ones that are most well-spent, and that life in general has no direction, and I should just flow with it all.

When did we drift apart?


I won’t fault anyone who does like snow, although if you regularly drive in it I’d love to know your secret. I once enjoyed it myself, what feels like a lifetime ago. Now though, I find snow to be nothing more than a nuisance, and I can’t see my feelings about it changing anytime soon.

A good laugh and a great game


Who doesn’t love watching the Super Bowl? Even if you don’t care for the football game itself, the commercials are worth the time. This year was no disappointment when it came to impressionable and ingenious commercials.

Have a nice day!


Life can be difficult sometimes, but the right word at the right time can make all the difference, or at least turn a bad day into a meh one.

The “Big Girl” World


Actually working in my desired field, actually seeing how people can be affected by the work that I’d be doing, and realizing how big of an impact organizations like the one I’m interning have on people’s lives, is extremely eye-opening and wondrous.

It’s flu season!


Even when everything is predicted accurately, the flu vaccine only has about a 60-90 percent chance of preventing the outbreak of flu in the United States. This year’s estimate of effectiveness came in from the CDC at 23 percent. That leaves the large majority of our country susceptible to the flu, even if they got a vaccine.