How my dog saved my life


Bella has gone way beyond the minimal three-tasks required of a service animal. She has saved my life. My world used to be secluded, shades down, and not leaving the house. Now, I can go to college and accomplish my dream of a Michigan degree.

Detroit, you don’t have to put on the red light

Attie Pollard via his Facebook page

In theory, government regulation of prostitution would create a safe, profitable environment where women, and some men, can cater to the carnal desires of humanity without fear of abuse or discrimination. They would have a union that would protect and fight for their rights. They would have access to proper health care, and wouldn’t have to go through a pimp to earn their living. In reality, as anyone can see, it doesn’t quite work out like that.

Stop the Multi-Tasking Madness

Comic courtesy of Baloo Cartoons

It’s rare that I will actually watch a t.v. show without also writing a paper, sending e-mails, or trying (and failing) to read a book for class. And even if I’m not on my computer, I am texting someone on my phone. Commuting to and from school is the perfect time for phone calls, right? And why shouldn’t I study for class while I am on the elliptical at the gym? Killing two birds with one stone isn’t a crime.

The Blame Game: Detroit edition

Kristen Golembiewski: It’s entirely too easy to play the blame game in Detroit. There’s the mayor, nearing the end of his first (and possibly only) term, who promised progress but has been slow to deliver.

On Ignorance: The Anti-Vaccine Movement

Photo Courtesy of: Creative Commons

Kristen Golembiewski: Over the break, I attended a party where somehow, the topic turned to vaccines. Many of those in attendance seemed to hold the idea that vaccines were not only dangerous, but they were unnecessary.