She’s the First: Run the World Campaign

Tuesday March 18, 2014 in Kochoff Hall A, a self-defense class was presented by the University’s very own “She’s The First” organization. She’s The First is a 100 percent non-profit women’s empowerment organization that educates women about protecting themselves, healthy eating habits, and exercise.

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Student (is this real) Life

Pushy, stubborn, and bossy are all words that can be synonymous with bitch.

The first three words are the words that young, ambitious girls hear much more often than boys, according to the Lifetime PSA, Ban Bossy. When I heard about this mission to ban the label of bossy girls, I took a minute to think about how many times I’ve been called bossy because I know what I want. Because I’ve worked hard to get where I am. Because I have ambitions and dreams. What’s wrong with that? Why had I always thought I needed to silently accept the labels of pushy, stubborn, and bossy…even bitch?

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