Simple Plan

If you’re anything like me, you have you life planned for the next eighty or so years, assuming I don’t get into a street brawl at the movie theater before then. I plan what I’m going to wear tomorrow, when I’m going to get my eyebrows waxed, and how I’ll be living in Central America before I’m thirty.

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The changing tides

So I’m slowly trying to get used to the fact that my planner won’t always be on hand, that I need to put my phone down and mute it, that I don’t always need to stress out about being on time, that unplanned outings are usually the ones that are most well-spent, and that life in general has no direction, and I should just flow with it all.

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The Hijabi Monologues delivers emotional experience to viewers

On Friday evening, March 7, students, families, and friends gathered together in the Social Science Building to see the performance of the Hijabi Monologues.

Hanan Hashem and Jamilah Alhashidi, co-directors of the show, appeared on stage to welcome their guests, promising tears and laughter, heartbreak and hope to their audience. They did more than deliver.

Eleven stories were told, each shining out with its own unique voice. In each, the actors, students of our university, gave their all. “I practiced my lines at least three or four hours a week,” Liala Sobh, one of the performers, stated.

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A Legacy of Dreams

“In the Eye of the Storm: The Man. The Life. The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” aims to keep King’s dream alive, while encouraging others to follow their own dreams. Doing so is actually a large part of Harris’ life, as he mentors young men. His work shows too, as in the past year, the men he mentors have had a 100 percent retention rate, as well as 100 percent entering college and receiving scholarships.

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