Relative wealth is relative but class is not

I took offense to this column; I felt like it doesn’t really represent what middle class is and what it is like to be truly middle class. I am writing this not to just get the frustration this article caused off my chest, but to give a voice to the University of Michigan-Dearborn students who are middle class.

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Remembering lost UM-Dearborn student

On May 13 of this year, 27 year old University of Michigan-Dearborn student Xianru Du went missing after being last seen in the Rouge River near Fair Lane Drive and Evergreen Roads.

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Alumni Relations hosts 30 minute mentoring program

You’ve done your time here at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. You’re nearing the end of your journey at the school. A career or grad school is just around the corner. It’s a bit intimidating isn’t it? Luckily, University of Michigan-Dearborn works actively to be of assistance to students both during their journey at the university to preparing to graduate and enter into their fields, and beyond.

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The Hijabi Monologues delivers emotional experience to viewers

On Friday evening, March 7, students, families, and friends gathered together in the Social Science Building to see the performance of the Hijabi Monologues.

Hanan Hashem and Jamilah Alhashidi, co-directors of the show, appeared on stage to welcome their guests, promising tears and laughter, heartbreak and hope to their audience. They did more than deliver.

Eleven stories were told, each shining out with its own unique voice. In each, the actors, students of our university, gave their all. “I practiced my lines at least three or four hours a week,” Liala Sobh, one of the performers, stated.

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