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As Black History Month is coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to wrap up the next week watching some of these shows and movies. Not only are these shows and movies are powerful, influential, and overall worth the watch, they star a mainly African American cast. Most of these are even available on streaming services, so there’s no need to go digging for where you can find these titles. The following is a list of what you should watch as the month comes to a close, and something you could watch during your Spring Break!

Want to watch a movie? Check out these titles:

“Sorry to Bother You”

This dark comedy sci-fi film will definitely give you a laugh mixed with much confusion. The film makes a joke of what could happen if you used your ‘white voice’ in the workplace, and whether it’s better to be money hungry or fight corporate oppression.

“If Beale Street Could Talk”

This 1970s based drama film is a beautiful love story between two childhood friends who have to put their future together to a halt. The film teaches a lesson about love while dealing with injustice in America.


Grab a box of tissues because this film is an emotional rollercoaster. This film follows Chiron, a young black boy growing up in Miami with his drug addict mother, drug dealing mentor, and his lover and friend Kevin. It’s a truly heartbreaking and bittersweet film that teaches subtle lessons about life.


“Paris Is Burning”

Set in 1990s New York City, this documentary features the lives of several drag queens living in the big apple talking about “house” culture and competing in underground dance competitions. This critically acclaimed documentary also touches on sexuality, racism, and poverty.

“I Am Not Your Negro”

Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, this documentary is about poet and activist James Baldwin, who tells the history of racism in America. It is inspired by his unfinished manuscript, “Remember This House,” a collection of letters by Baldwin in the 1970s.

“The Last Black Man in San Francisco”

This A24 film tells the touching story of a young black man working on reclaiming his childhood home in a neighborhood in San Francisco, an area that is constantly changing.

“Fruitvale Station”

Based on a true story, this film tells the life of Oscar Grant, a young black man trying to provide for his girlfriend and daughter, who gets caught up in a deadly altercation with police. 

“Black Panther”

Love Marvel and want some action? This superhero film (based on the comics) is about T’Challa, who takes the crown as King of Wakanda following his father’s death. After being threatened by his own cousin, he must save the future of Wakanda and the world as the Black Panther.


This film is based on the 1965 Selma to Montgomery marches, in which African Americans fought for their right to vote. The film tells the story of how James Bevel, Hosea Williams, John Lewis, and Martin Luther King Jr. paved a way for African Americans to fight injustices and ultimately gain the right to vote.

“She’s Gotta Have It”

Known as Spike Lee’s first feature length film, this film is about Nola, a young black woman struggling to figure out what type of a man she should date. She decides to date three men at the same time to figure out what she wants and looks for in a guy in this black and white comedy-drama.

Rather binge a show instead? Check out these following titles:


Starring and created by Issa Rae is this comedy about two black women, Issa and Molly, trying to navigate everyday life while battling with their insecurities.

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If you’re a fan of Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) you’ll love this show. Glover plays Earn, a young black man in Atlanta trying to help his rapper cousin gain notoriety while also balancing his own life as a father to his daughter.

“Dear White People”

Based off of the film of the same name, this Netflix original follows the lives of several black college students at an Ivy League college filled with issues surrounding politically charged tones, racism, and even a party dedicated to blackface. 

“How To Get Away With Murder”

This Shonda Rhimes produced show stars Viola Davis as a college professor who teaches a class titled “How to Get Away with Murder” and selects students to work with her at her law firm.

“Living Single”

The 90s black sitcom with a catchy theme song was recently uploaded on Hulu and is definitely worth the watch. This show is about six black friends living in a Brooklyn brownstone navigating the real world as young professionals.

“Chewing Gum”

This British show is about a 24-year-old black woman, Tracey, who was raised in a religious household, though she praises the iconic singer, Beyonce. Tracey tries to find her path in life while also dealing with her sexual thoughts in this comedy.

“Luke Cage”

Here’s an action show for Marvel fans based off the comic of the same time. This show follows Luke Cage trying to live as a normal guy, but gets reeled back from his past.


This ABC sitcom follows Dre, Anthony Anderson, and his wife Rainbow, Tracee Ellis Ross, trying to get a sense of their cultural identities while raising their family in an upper-class predominantly white neighborhood.

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“The Chi”

Created by “Master of None” star Lena Waithe comes this Showtime original about life in a Southside Chicago neighborhood that connects four of the show’s main characters.

“The Wire”

Voted as #2 on Rolling Stone Magazines “100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time” is this HBO original show set in Baltimore, Maryland, showcasing the relationships between law enforcement and drug dealers. The show stars many notable actors from Idris Elba to Michael B. Jordan, and a host of others.